Happy New Year from volunteers of Stockbridge Community News

Thank you for your readership and support. All best wishes for a healthy and happy 2018 from the volunteers who bring you the Stockbridge Community News:

Board of Directors: President Patrice Johnson, Vice President Molly Howlett, Treasurer Judy Williams, Secretary Bev Glynn, Rose Collison, Roberta Ludtke, Diane Rockall, Hope Salyer, Nancy Wisman.

Adjunct Directors: Mary Krummrey, Debbie Nogle, Connie Risner, Rachel Sweet.

Reporters: Lorrie Brooks, Wm. Bruce Brown, Bob Castle, Tina Cole-Mullins, Don Porter, Abigail Walls. Columnists: Karl Heidrich, Molly Howlett, Diane Rockall, Chief Johnnie Torres, Jr.


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