Harlem Wizards fundraiser a slam-dunk

A Harlem Globetrotter carries Leah Zick down the court for a slam dunk.

by Cindy Lance. Photo credits: Madison Gee Montgomery

The world-famous Harlem Wizards brought their dazzling brand of basketball to the new Stockbridge High School gymnasium  April 30 for an evening of high-flying fun.

But the goal of this hoops game wasn’t a victory, it was to raise funds for the Stockbridge Community Schools’ Athletic Department.

“The event was hugely successful, selling 620 tickets and raising approximately $4,000,” said Meghan Kunzelman, athletic director for Stockbridge schools and organizer of the event.

Taking the court for Stockbridge schools was a team of administrators, teachers and community leaders. Playing for team Professional Panthers were Sarah Bentley, Leah Dalton, Mike Dalton, Brent DesArmo, Dale Erickson, Mike Gurecki, Darren Hejnal, Rachel Jones, Lisa Knisely, Susan Lockhart, Bonnie Rattai, Craig Rehmann, Jason Rickli, Jeff Trapp and Joe Wenzel. They were coached by Jeremy Killinger and Laura Whitaker helped out as water girl.

The Panthers faced a tough challenge from the professional Harlem Wizard players who made the trip. They were “King Arthur” Lewis Jr., Jimmy “Live Action” Bosque, Rob “Smooth” Young, Jordan “Hang-Time” Hoose and T.J. “Tomahawk” Stukes.

Keeping all the action under control were referees Bob Myers, Allison Cole and Brian Smith. Andy Avis was the scorekeeper.

Rounding out the game were a variety of contests, comedy, demonstrations, audience participation activities and giveaways. It all ended with the Harlem Wizards’ signature dance extravaganza.

“Our staff and students thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Harlem Wizards event,” said Stockbridge Junior High Principal Joe “3 Point” Wenzel. “It was a fun-filled family event that allowed our community to come together for a good cause.”

Founded in 1962, the Harlem Wizards have played more than 15,000 games throughout the country and have raised more than $25 million for schools and charitable causes. The Wizards also appeared in more than 25 foreign countries on five continents.




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