Welding class tour My Body Shop

By Diane Rockall

Eight Stockbridge High School welding students toured My Body Shop on May 31, 2019 and tried their hands at welding.

Their teacher, Wes Perry, was involved  earlier this week in an accident that required welding to his truck.

My Body Shop is owned and operated by Theresa and John Kightlinger and is located on Clinton Street right across from the High School. Perry recognized it as a useful place for students to see what they were learning to do first hand. The tour was a last minute lucky result of that unlucky experience.

Those who attended were: Caleb Lytle, Caden James, Lance Dunford, Lucas Gauss, Micah Beauregard, Justin Stanfield, Wilem Trevisan,  and Samuel Roberts. They were given a tour of the facility after a much needed morning doughnut treat.

John Kightlinger began the tour by telling the students the benefits of trade certification in finding employment and high paying jobs in trade work.  

The tour included the bump shop, the paint room, the mix room and the welding section.  After a demonstration of how the equipment should be properly used,  each student had an opportunity to try their own test weld.  It wasn’t long and they had turned it into a challenge match. 

Perry and the Kightlingers hope to make this a regular part of class training in future years.  Stockbridge has had a welding program for over 30 years, but it was curtailed last year because of the High School reconstruction and is just completing total restoration of the shop. 

Everyone was given a t-shirt as a parting gift and Wes Perry’s truck was looking better!

welding tour begins

John Kightlinger explains welding procedure

Teacher Wes Perry and class listen to welding presentation

another test weld

Teacher Wes Perry looks on

a test weld

each student did a test weld

some welders were hard to see

students watched others with interest

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