From the Chief of Police: Hooray for our history, a request and call to action

Have a name, article, or pictures of historical interest to the Stockbridge Police Department? If so call 517-851-7517 or email




Today let us address three topics.

First, congratulations to the Stockbridge Area Genealogical/Historical Society for its Oct. 7 production in Oaklawn Cemetery. The rehearsal was impressive, let alone the public performances. Many attended despite cold and rainy weather, and to those who missed it: Boy! Did you miss it.

Next, having been employed here at the Village for the past nine years, this officer is interested in Stockbridge history, and I would like to ask readers for help find history about the Stockbridge Police Department. 

As many readers are aware, the current version of the department has been in existence since 2006. But there were previous versions. A coat, hat, and patch stand as evidence. However, few other historical items remain in the offices. Folks out there must have or know something of historical interest to SPD. Names? Articles? Pictures? Perhaps you have a good story to tell about the department back in the 60s, 70s, or before? If so, please contact me at 517-851-7517 or 

Third, for those who aren’t subscribers to Smart 911, perhaps you have never heard of it. Smart911 is a free service available in our community and was designed to help its residents when they call 9-1-1. Once signed up, first responders will be aware of important information you have provided in advance. This information will help police, fire and EMS personnel locate individuals and better address the emergency, including medical issues, current location and even pets. 

Please visit and sign up today. This free service, provided by Ingham County 9-1-1, is private, secure, and each person is in control of his or her information. Signing up can save time in an emergency when seconds count. 

Be vigilant. Be safe.

Chief John Torres, a native of Flint, began his career as a reserve police officer before joining the City of Lansing Police where he served for more than 14 years. He joined the Stockbridge Police Department in 2009 and became its chief in 2011. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan-Flint and is married with two adult children. 


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