January is school board recognition month

Cindy Lance, Larry Ostrander, Judy Heeney, Chris Kruger, Carrie Graham, Kary Gee, and Garrick Rochow.

by Karl Heidrich

The month of January presents an opportunity to appreciate the volunteer service of our school board members. Over the years, our school board has shown consistent dedication to the Stockbridge community. Board of education members are all local citizens who spend countless hours working towards providing the best educational opportunities for our students, within the parameters of our finances.  All board of education decisions affect the teaching and learning of students in our district and have an impact in the Stockbridge Schools service area and greater community.

School boards have a task of school governance, monitoring and implementation of policy, evaluation of programs, and making numerous decisions that at times can be difficult. Through their dedication and commitment we generate a high quality education and school district for your children.

The length of service of the Stockbridge Community School Board of Education is as follows:

Carrie Graham, President – 24 Years

Kary Gee, Vice President – 5 Years

Cindy Lance – Treasurer – 10 Years

Judy Heeney – Secretary – 39 Years

Larry Ostrander, Trustee – 5 Years

Garrick Rochow, Trustee – 4 Years

Chris Kruger, Trustee – 24 Years

Please take this opportunity to show your appreciation for the service and leadership they provide to our community by thanking a board member this winter.

Karl Heidrich has served as an administrator for Stockbridge Community Schools since 1999 and as Superintendent of Schools since 2013.

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