Lady’s Tea fundraiser debuts to great success

by Patrice Johnson. Photo credits: Judy Williams

Nearly 30 women from the area gathered at Gee Farms in Bunkerhill, Wed., May 16, for a debut fundraiser for the Stockbridge Community News. The Lady’s Tea, sponsored by Gee Farms and the Stockbridge Area Garden Club, raised $390 for SCN, and a good time was had by all.

“I wanted to come to support the paper,” attendee Becky Whitaker said. “Besides, this is fun.”

The idea for the event sprouted from a shopping trip to Gee Farms last fall. While Roberta Ludtke was browsing the aisles, she and farm co-owner Kary Gee struck up a conversation. Gee, recognizing that Ludtke served on the board of directors for the Stockbridge Community News, commented on how much she appreciated the volunteer-run paper and news service. She hoped it would continue to flourish, she said. Then in an off-hand remark, Gee offered the use of her showroom. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ludtke, a member of the Stockbridge Area Garden Club, proposed at its monthly meeting that she was willing to coordinate a ladies tea if the club would underwrite some of the expenses. Proceeds would go to the nonprofit Stockbridge Community News.

Motion passed.

Fast forward to Wednesday’s tea. As Lori Zick was thanking Ludtke for her hard work, she mentioned in passing, “My granddaughters would love this.”

“What do you think of a fairy garden-themed tea?” Ludtke mused.

“Sign me up,” Zick replied. “Sign me up now!”

And thus, the wheels are now churning toward another event in the making.

Jean Krummrey and Mary Krummrey display their succulent tea pots.

Front and around the table: Flora Myers, Wanda Cox, Cheryl Walsh and Becky Whitaker raise their succulent teapots in a merry toast.

Beth McLellan and Normie Spadafore don surgical gloves to perform plant transplants.

Andrea Stickney, sporting a red hat in true ladies tea fashion, concentrates on the where’s and how’s of planting five succulents.

Linda Risner pauses to reflect on the perfect placement of five succulents.

Jeannine Wayman says hello as tea coordinator Roberta Ludtke chats with guests at a table in the background.

Garden club members Susan Daily and Connie Risner (Roberta Ludtke in background) and Dorothy Craft prepare the awaiting succulent and teapot tables for the guests to plant.

Dorothy Craft, Andrea Stickney, Karen Lunsford, Judy Williams, Linda Risner and Connie Risner enjoy a spot of tea with delicious treats from the onsite bakery of Laura O’brien Sweets and Treats.

Jeannine Wayman, Jean Krummrey, Mary Krummrey, Shirley Steffey and Molly Howlett interrupt their conversation to smile at  photographer Judy Williams.

Around the table: Wanda Cox, Flora Myers, Patrice Johnson, Cheryl Walsh, Nancy Wisman and Becky Whitaker

L-R around the table: Jennifer Steffey, Beth Mclellan, Normie Spadafore, Kathy Gauss, Lori Zick, Roberta Ludtke, and Laurie Page.

Linda Risner, Connie Risner, Susan Daily, Dorothy Craft, Andrea Stickney, and Karen Lunsford enjoy tea, lemonade and bakery treats.

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