Letter to the Editor re: Stockbridge Township approving sweeping marijuana ordinances

Dear Editor:


Regarding SCN’s “Stockbridge Township Board Approves Sweeping Marijuana Ordinances”


When the State Chapter of the American Planning Association doesn’t support it, it would seem apparent that the Township and its board are not properly informed. However, since the Stockbridge Township doesn’t participate, nor do they have a membership with the State Chapter of the American Planning Association, they do not receive any updates on law changes nor are they aware of the Association’s position on Marijuana Ordinances.


Personally nor professionally, I did not and do not support the ordinances. Small townships see dollar signs, and they base their decisions on personal not professional opinions with limited research available. They pick and choose data that supports the opinions of those seated on the board. I certainly would have welcomed the opportunity to provide them with facts and data; or perhaps connected them with professionals who could have provided loads of factual data, prior to the ordinance being passed.


Sweeping ordinances and decisions made behind closed doors will never be received well in our community. A small few make changes that affect those of us who have contributed to the community our entire lives.


It saddens me more than anyone will ever know that resources are available to our small elected officials. Experts live within the community and yet are ignored and passed over while change is made based on the opinion of the few. Everyone in our community has the right to their opinion, as I have the right to mine. My opinion, however, is based on fact and not mere personal opinion. I don’t engage in debate nor will I. I merely work for the State Chapter of the American Planning Association and have for nearly two decades.


Knowledge is power and perhaps our small elected officials need to be reminded, that the needs of the few do not out weigh the needs of the many. Technically, I don’t live in Stockbridge Township, so I will pray that my elected officials in Waterloo Township do a better job collecting data and base any decisions affecting taxpayers within the Township on fact and not their personal opinion.


Sherrie Howard

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