Local travelers tour history-steeped Mediterranean

SHS students tour Ancient capitols

SHS students in Europe

SHS students visit Ancient world

by Cindy Lance

June 29, a local group ventured across the Atlantic ocean for a nine-day, historically jam-packed trip to the ancient Mediterranean. The EF Tours-coordinated trip, led by Stockbridge High School history teacher Tim Salow and wife Sarah, began in Greece with the travelers spending their first two days visiting the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum.

Day two took them to Delphi, famous as the ancient seat of Pythia, the oracle ancient Greeks consulted about important decisions.

The group then took a ferry to Bari, Italy. There they visited St. Nicholas Basilica and the Sorrento region with its tight roads and breathtaking vistas. The island of Capri, known as the resort of the ancient Roman Emperors, stood out for its beauty, clear water and mountainous backdrop.

During a visit to Pompei, the group viewed interesting statues and structures. The final stop in Rome provided first-hand experiences in the Coliseum, Vatican, Roman Forum, and St. Paul’s Basilica. The scene where Caesar was brutally murdered came to life as the travelers stood at the base of the Trevi Fountain. The tour concluded with a tour through the catacombs, ancient underground burial places under Rome consisting of at least 40 sacred sites, some discovered only in recent decades.

SHS senior Paige Wooden described the trip as highly interesting. “I loved learning about other people’s culture and history. One of my favorite parts was Capri. The water was beautiful.”

Junior Isaac Lance “loved every aspect of the trip,” he said, “and especially learning more about Roman history. It was truly captivating.”

Tim Salow concluded the trip was a success. “Participants saw the most iconic sights of Rome, Athens, and many more cities. We enjoyed the Mediterranean Sea, visited the island resort of the ancient Roman Emperors, and ate gelato nearly every night.”

He said he is already looking forward to their next trip to other exciting parts of Europe in a couple of years.


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