Mike Levine Lakelands Trail takes shape…big time

photos by Patrice Johnson

Construction of the Mike Levine Lakelands Trail progresses in Unadilla Township, Stockbridge Township and the Village of Stockbridge. Lacy Howlett (a Corgi) inspects a widened trail with a brand new surface west of Dutton Road. Her tongue lolls out in approval of new cedar fencing.

A parking lot for horse trailers promises easy trail access for equestrians. The lot is located east of M-52/M-106 on the south side of Stockbridge.

Parking lot complete with restroom underway next to M-52/M-106 on the south side of Stockbridge.

Take a rest on a spanking new bench as the rat-a-tat of pileated woodpeckers rings through the woodland.

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  • Kirk Tolly says:

    So, an honest, I truly want to know questions. (ie no piling on)
    Horses allowed?
    Don’t they tear up the trail?
    Seems like it would be more appropriate as a bike, running, walking trail?

    • The reasoning behind the decision to allow horses is that there are a lot of horse owners and horseback riders in the area. These kids and adults need a spot to ride, too, and to enjoy wild trails. The trails have been widened to allow room for all. Thanks for asking. The hooves leave tracks, as do deer, and they are all soon washed away.

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