Spotlight on Munith manufacturing: RTC/Enviro-Fab Inc.

By Cindy Lance

Munith’s lack of stoplights can be misleading. This diminutive community has long been home to a number of successful businesses. While the railroad’s departure in the 1960s altered the economic scene, Munith continues to contribute to our nation’s commercial and industrial sectors. The commitment and success of businesses operating in this unincorporated community in the northeast of Jackson County stand as testament to the welcoming and supportive nature of the community that surrounds them.

The spotlight below features RTC/Enviro-Fab Inc. in Munith that provides products for several industries and brings jobs to the area.

RTC/Enviro-Fab Inc: 50 years of supporting the Munith community

Located at 9043 Plum Orchard Road, RTC has been in business in Munith for more than 50 years, the last 24 years as a family-owned business. The company currently employs 12 full-time workers, and its products service many industries, including steel mills, paper mills, power generation, pharmaceutical, private, commercial, industrial, municipality, agricultural and environmental. With all of these markets, RTC has to be one of the most diverse manufacturing companies in Jackson County.

The company was founded in Munith, probably for the community’s convenient location and low-cost environment. While the distance to main highways and suppliers can be problematic at times, the potential for cost-effective expansion brings a unique opportunity for the company.

Ron Bubp, project manager, said the Bubp family hopes to “grow and expand our capabilities in the near future, allowing us to employ additional skilled trades locally.” The goal for 2018, Bubp said, is to adapt “to our current and new customer base, giving RTC the competitive edge over the competition through expansion of our fabrication and installation services.”

The mission of RTC/Enviro-Fab Inc. is “100 percent customer satisfaction and growth through new customers,” Bubp added.







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