New Stockbridge basketball court ready to roll

Of late, balmy weather casts an open invitation to local youth to go outside and play a game of neighborhood basketball. Now, thanks to the collaborative efforts of several groups, youth on the south side of town won’t have to play in the streets.

Tom Clark, Fred Cattel, Pat Harden and Richard Mullins gathered Nov. 28 at the site of the new Lakelands Trailside basketball court in order to erect the basketball board, complete with hoop.

As the Stockbridge Community News first reported on Sept. 28, the new Lakelands Trailside basketball court came about as the result of $11,000 awarded by the 5 HealthyTowns Foundation and a $4,000 donation from the Stockbridge Township. The Stockbridge Area Wellness Coalition gave the go ahead, and Quinn Excavating and Paving began began leveling the ground directly across the trail from the new playground for a new basketball court on September 27.


Fred Cattel Richard Mullins prepare the backboard for going up.

And so it begins with Tom Clark and Fred Cattel

Pat Harden helps to get things started

Fred Cattel and Tom Clark attempt to pick up the backboard as Richard Mullins looks on.

Connecting the backboard to the post

Almost complete.

Fred Cattel, Richard Mullins, and Tom Clark apply the finishing touches with Pat Harden looking on

Ready for the Hoop

The Basketball Hoop is finished.

Going up with the backboard

Getting thing set to go up.

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