Stockbridge Community Outreach Still Serving the Community

The streets of Stockbridge may resemble a Ghost Town, but Stockbridge Community Outreach is open for business. Any business that provides food is considered “essential” and at this time, Outreach plans to remain open for the duration of this contagion to serve the residents of the Stockbridge School District.

For those who are regular pantry users, as well as those who may be in need for the first time, Outreach is temporarily operating under different policies:

• NO ID or signature will be required. You will be asked for your name, household information, and address. You will be self-declaring that you have a need for food.
• Weekly pickups are allowed at this time.
• No appointment is needed. Pull up to the first set of double doors, where you will see a sign directing you to call the office. Stay in your vehicle, and we will bring groceries out to you.
• You will receive a large bag/box of staples including canned vegetable, fruit, beans, pasta, cereal, juice, meat, eggs, bread, toilet paper, milk coupon, etc.
• The free clothing room is closed until further notice.
• Other services are still available and will be handled via phone and email as much as possible.
For those wishing to donate or help in some way:
• We are unable to accept used clothing and household goods at this time. Not only does this possibly help to contain the virus, but it allows our volunteers, many of whom are in high risk categories, to stay home.
• Food donations can be left in bags outside the door. If you need a receipt, please provide your name and address and one will be mailed to you.
• Volunteers are the heart of our organization, but during this unusual time we are operating with a skeleton crew and want you to stay well. No new volunteers are needed at this time.
• The most needed, and safest donation is monetary. The demand for food is increased, leading to increased food expenses. While food donations are appreciated, realize that we must sanitize anything that comes into the office.

Pass the word to anyone who may be in need!

This crisis will pass and hopefully we will become better, kinder people in the process, who learn to conserve what we have and maybe even share a little with our neighbors!

Outreach is located in the back parking lot of the Stockbridge Activity Center, off Cherry St. Office hours are Monday and Friday 9-3 and Wednesday 1-6. Mailing address is PO Box 682, Stockbridge, MI 49285. Questions? Call 517-851-7285.

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