Stockbridge Festival Chorus Performs Home For the Holidays Concert

The Stockbridge Area Art Council’s Festival Chorus performed in front a pair of packed houses at the Stockbridge Town Hall Saturday, November 16 and Sunday, November 17.

Musical Director Dick Borden put together an amazing show for the audience to see.

The Chorus put on a show with a mix of Christmas favorites along with some other traditional and hymnal songs.


The audience also got to enjoy some music by Piano Soloist Haley Gibson. She is a Stockbridge High School student who was the 2019 Stockbridge Area Arts Council Scholarship award winner.


Also performing at the show was The Raw Brass quintet of Colleen Land, Jean Murdock, Willard Verdun, Dick Borden, and Frank Jackson. They performed a pair of songs including the spiritual song Go Tell it on the Mountain.


Members of the Festival Chorus include Kathryn Brumm, Amanda Cook, Kate Dancer, , Linda Davis, Joanne Knowlton, Deborah J. Smith, Cathie Snider, Terry Sommer, Mary L. Stone, Kimberly Williamson, James Clark-Swalla, Randy Heatley, Mary Myer, Kelly Schmidt, Nacy Taylor, Erika Alley, DeAnn Carlesbois, Linda Dancer, Deb Dugan, Patricia Horn, Judy Lentz, Lynda Minger, Jennifer Pulk, Sandra Wright-Auge, Dave Avery, Robert Brumm, Dan Frushour, Ken Sanders, and Mark Taylor.

The Arts Council will be holding another show Tuesday, November 26 when they welcome The Randy Napoleon Quartet, with an opening act by the Stockbridge High School Jazz Band. The concert is partially funded by the Stockbridge Area Educational Foundation.


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