Stockbridge High School Prom 2019


Autumn Bigelow and Joe Tackett

Breanna Salyer

Elizabeth Salyer and Ashley Gunn

Senaida Gonzalez

Front: Bethany Plennest, Madi Aiken, Nina Tufrell, Tayler Varner. Back: Ben Young, Ashley Blanzy, Amanda Brussaw, Tyler Gipson

Alyssa Warmer

Kaitelyn Walker and Ron Tolson

Kaylin Janeski and Caleb Ricketts

Malena Rosedale and Carmen Wilson

Abby Douglas and Logan Connolly

Samuel Roberts and Gracie Cavender

Macy Kruger and Michelle Zemke

Alexis Killinger and Paige Wooden

Megan Catron

Ori Hackworth and Baylee Heidrich

Chloe Miner

Brooklyn Tate and Samantha Aiken

Senior Class 2019

Isaac Lance, Samantha Argento and Wilem Trevisan

Haylie Steinkaws, Owen Nafin, Kaylee Argell, Joshua Farror and Samantha Armstrong

John Morris, Peyton Buurma, Adam Twinning and Josh Lewis

Reese, Carissa, Emma and Joe

Tylin Ayers and Grace Hall

Hannah Smith and Isabelle Bliss

Kaylee Dalton and Chris Hall

Anna Schlaff and Sylvia Whitt

Cody Freiermuth and Dylan Powers

Hannah Gutting and Cameron Bergman

Gage Place and Andrew Ziegler

Sylvia Whitt and Malena Rosedale

Brandon Nelson and Lena Jackson

Rachel Owen

Skylar Ballard and Sarah Burgess

Austin Perkins

Elija Green and Peter Loso

Summer Hughes

Emmalee Laraway

Abbey Salyer and Shane Adams

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