Stockbridge Township Board approves sweeping marijuana ordinances

by Patrice Johnson

In its regular monthly meeting, Tuesday, Aug. 19, the Stockbridge Township Board voted 3 to 2 in favor of allowing all aspects of marijuana production, sale and distribution in the local community. Spelled marihuana by the state of Michigan, marijuana’s five aspects include growing, provisioning, transportation, processing and testing/safety, and compliance. In addition, the board modified its previously tabled ordinances to allow dispensaries as well.

Voting in favor were Supervisor C.G. Lantis, Trustee Ed Wetherell, and Clerk Becky Muraf. Trustee Terry Sommer and Treasurer Kris Lauckner voted in opposition.

Approximately 15 local residents attended.

The vote came on the heels of the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency’s release of “Emergency Rules” on July 3. Almost two years ago, the board tabled the issue due to public outcry. After a statewide vote to allow recreational and medical use of the federally prohibited substance in Michigan, local municipalities now have the option to participate via enacting ordinances. Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency Releases Emergency Rules.

Aug. 23, 2017, Stockbridge Community News reported on the township board’s tabling of “proposed ordinances that could allow five key components of the medical marijuana industry to take root in the township: growing, provisioning, transportation, processing, and testing/safety compliance…until LARA, Michigan’s Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, issued regulatory rules.” (“Civil Discourse on Medical Marijuana Prevails at Township Board Meeting,” SCN, Aug. 23.)…ip-board-meeting/






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  • For the record, public comment was allowed, twice. Before, and after the vote. Not one person commented during the first citizens comment before the vote.

  • Great job Stockbridge on finally passing a comprehensive ordinance its great to see this process come to fruition after working on it for so long. The board of Supervisors should be commended for listening to the will of the voters and implementing measures to help protect their community.

  • Eric Zuellig Eric Zuellig says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder!

  • Brian Green Brian Green says:

    The people want access! Let them have it. Good job.

  • “15 local residents attended the meeting.” 😂😂😂😂

  • My comment was apparently blocked. Thats sad

  • Letha Allen Letha Allen says:

    It will take a few years, but time will tell if it was the beginning of something good, or the end of something good…a small town. Now, we will be the ones watched by the towns waiting to see the outcome before taking such a comprehensive approval of every aspect of the MJ business into a small, rural, family oriented town. I hope the 3 who voted for blanket approval are right, because if it turns out great for us, they will be remembered as trend setters, leaders and heroes…likewise, if the opposite is found to be true, they will still be remembered

    • When the State Chapter of the American Planning Association doesn’t support it; it would seam apparent that the Township and it’s board are not properly informed. However, since the Stockbridge Township doesn’t participate nor do they have a membership with the State Chapter of the American Planning Association; they do not receive any updates on law changes nor are they aware of the Associations position on Marijuana Ordinances. Personally nor professionally, I did not and do not support the ordinances. Small townships see dollar signs and they base their decisions on personal not professional opinions with limited research available. They pick and chose data that supports the opinions of those seated on the board. I certainly would have welcomed the opportunity to provide them with facts, and data; or perhaps connected them with professionals who could have provided loads of factual data… prior to the ordinance being passed. Sweeping ordinances, decisions made behind closed doors will never be received well in our community. A small few make changes that effect those of us who have contributed to the community our entire lives. It saddens me more than anyone will ever know, that resources are available to our small elected officials, experts live within the community and yet are ignored and passed over while change is made based on the opinion of the few. Everyone in our community has the right to their opinion, as I have the right to mine. My opinion, however is based on fact and not mere personal opinion. I don’t engage in debate nor will I. I merely work for the State Chapter of the American Planning Association and have for nearly two decades. Knowledge is power and perhaps our small elected officials need reminded, that the needs of the few do not out weigh the needs of the many. Technically, I don’t live in Stockbridge Township, so I will pray that my elected officials in Waterloo Township do a better job collecting data and base any decisions effecting tax payers within the Township on fact and not their personal opinion.

    • Sherrie Howard maybe they just want to make it easier for people who use it medically around here to get it…. It’s not meant to attract people from other places… It’s everywhere.. then people don’t have to drive so far. It’s a bigger pain than you might think.

    • When the experts do not support ordinance sweeping change that says it all.

    • Annie Whiteley EVERY community around Stockbridge has declined it. So, you will see them coming from ALL over

    • Freddie Lloyd only if Stockbridge is the closest. Which there aren’t that many towns that are closer to Stockbridge than Lansing or Jackson or Ann arbor.

    • Sherrie Howard very well said!

    • Chelsea & Leoni Twp. turned it down.

    • Freddie Lloyd Leoni twp has a pot shop on every corner! They definitely voted it in. They issued 98 permits. They also were raided a couple weeks ago and records were confiscated. Half their board members got ousted or quit. They have higher crime and barns growing pot every where.

    • Linda Burns Lewis thought I read where they said no, who was that down there then. ? Sorry for my mixup

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