Student of the Month: Reilly Caroen


“From his inquisitive nature to his jovial demeanor, Reilly [Caroen] exemplifies the best aspects of the academic’s pursuit for Truth.”

by Cindy Lance

High school senior Reilly Caroen has attended Stockbridge Public Schools since first grade. He lives outside town with his parents Matt (an SHS alumnus) and Nicole, older sister Alyssa (class of 2010) and younger brother Devin (class of 2021). Recently, he received his much-desired letter of acceptance to Northern Michigan University.

Throughout Caroen’s school years, he has made a positive impact on both the students and staff. This year he is on the Coming Home court along with several other senior young men; one of whom will be selected as the 2019 Coming Home King. Freshmen and sophomore years he received the 4.0 award, and in his junior year he received the AP World History award.

Teacher Tim Salow said, “Reilly has defined for me what it means to be exceptional. From his inquisitive nature to his jovial demeanor, Reilly exemplifies the best aspects of the academic’s pursuit for Truth.”

Apparently, the admiration flows both ways. When asked who particularly influenced him in a positive manner, Caroen named Mr. Salow. “He taught me a lot of life’s lessons,” he said, “and expanded my genre pool for books.” His favorite? “Lord of the Flies.”

In addition to his academic success, Reilly has been a significant contributor to the Stockbridge band program, playing tenor saxophone. Band Director Patty Pniewski stated that Caroen is passionate about music. In addition to playing sax and reading, he enjoys bike maintenance.

In December 2018, Caroen’s grandfather, Jerry Townsend, passed away. His last words to Caroen serve as a guideline he keeps in mind: “You can do anything you want, you really can. You want to cross the street, cross the street.”

Caroen said he just wants to be a caring person who is successful in college and life.

This reporter was in the high school office prior to Christmas break and happened to see Caroen as he was waiting for Mrs. Cummings. It was clear the staff think highly of him. Mrs. Cummings arrived and said, “Reilly is an outstanding student who has a great work ethic and enthusiasm for learning! I have enjoyed working with Reilly. He’s very inquisitive, creative and genuinely cares about getting the most out of all learning experiences available to him. I am excited to see what the future holds and am confident he will be a great success in all that he chooses to do in the future.”

Congratulations Reilly Caroen, and good luck for a bright future ahead. Go Panthers!


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