Student of the Month: fifth-grader Wendy Cowan

Wendy Cowan, 5th grade Student of the Month for May, 2019

by Cindy Lance

Teacher Mrs. Brittany Floyd views fifth-grade student Wendy Cowan as “a role model student who continually gives her best effort in class and completes all work with quality in mind. She is very driven, takes enormous responsibility in her learning by asking questions, taking her time, and never giving up. Cowan is a friend to all in class and consistently helps others around her, so many students in our class look up to her, not only for her academic success but also for her positive characteristics.”

Cowan, the middle child of Allan and Elizabeth Cowanwas recently elected to a leadership position in her class. She feels the teachers and staff at Stockbridge Community Schools always encourage her, and that she can be anything she wants to be. Currently, she hopes to become a storyboard director, actress and artist.

This outgoing and driven young lady’s artwork has earned a first place ribbon and an honorable mention in local competition. She has a passion for art and enjoys social studies and science at Heritage Elementary.

Cowan wanted to share one other thought. “It is kind of nice having the Student of the Month highlight. As a student, it makes me feel that I am not just an ordinary kid. Plus the community gets to know me a little bit.”

How does she motivate herself?

“I tell myself, ‘never give up, keep believing your dreams and don’t let anyone get you down.’”

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