Student Spotlight: Student of the Month, Brooklyn Baker – 11th grade



by Cindy Lance

The Stockbridge High School First Robotics Team has enjoyed great success since its inception a short time ago. One of the keys could lie in the involvement of this month’s student spotlight, eleventh-grader Brooklyn Baker. The daughter of Dennis Baker, Brooklyn is a determined and driven young lady. Recently, she became Head Awards Captain and is a business mentor on the Jr High School Robotics team.

Stockbridge High Robotics won the Spring Arbor Competition, along with two other awards at the event. Brooklyn was nominated as a semi-finalist for the Dean’s List Award for FIRST Robotics. In addition to her involvement with the team, Brooklyn also volunteers at FIRST events at the elementary and middle school levels. Her goal, she says, is to start a FIRST Robotics team for the elementary schools.
Brooklyn loves the opportunities offered in our small public schools in Stockbridge through the varied classes. Being part of the FIRST robotics, she says, is the most memorable thing she has experienced in her academic career.

“There is never a dull moment, and it always challenges me to learn new things.” It comes as no surprise that her words of advice are “even when something seems impossible, never lose hope. At our Robotics competition, we were sure we weren’t going to do well. However, we ended up winning the competition.”

FIRST Robotics Lead and teacher Bryan Tasior had this to say, “Brooklyn is an exceptional young lady. She has tremendous work ethic, drive, integrity, and intelligence, and is a fantastic student.” Tasior said he could go on and about her many qualities, but her most glaring one is her personality.

“She brings out the best in those around her, including myself,” he said. “She has been an integral part of our robotics team’s success. She has an infectious positive attitude that can make even stressful situations pleasant. The world would be a better place if there were more Brooklyn Bakers in it.”

Senior High Teacher Pam Gower continued the positive recommendation. “Brooklyn Baker’s high level of independence, motivation, and joy when it comes to completing work towards her goals is very rare amongst young adults. Although Brooklyn has encountered challenges in her life, she never lets the challenges get in the way of working towards the dream of her best life. Brooklyn is kind and empathetic to both adults and peers, which contributes to her own well-being and ability to work cooperatively on projects.”

Upon graduation Brooklyn plans to attend Lansing Community College to receive her certification in phlebotomy, and then to become a Certified Nurse Assistant.

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