Sunny July 4th Gregory activities

Dominic Bickley stands to accept victory as winner of the 13 plus pie eating competition

Immediately after the parade the village of Gregory came to life with a variety of activities.  Many flocked to the annually popular chicken roast in and around the old school.   In addition to the chicken roast a large choice of snacks,  treats and a bake sale were available not to mention many of the stores ready to provide food and beverages.  There were games structured and unstructured for the children and three bounce houses. Assorted vendors offered unique items for sale.

The pie eating contest had three ages groups.  Winners in the 9 and under group were. First place Maddie Ford and Second place Ariana Ford.  In the 10 to 12 age group. the Beutler sisters took 1st (Josie) and second (Clare).  The 13 and over category was won by Dominic Bickley with Anthony Phillips taking second.

9 and under begin completion.  Winners Maddie(1st) and Ariana Ford(2d) top of table right.

Left to right Clare (2d) and Josie (1st) Beutler winners of 10-12 age group pie eating competition

Pie eating 9 and under

The crowd moves in as the copter blades stop turning

The survival helicopter landed a bit early, but amazed and entertained many in the crowd, particularly the younger ones.

Boyer the Magic Guy performed entertaining magic tricks with the assistance of  young audience members.

Young assistants help Boyer the magic guy-Magic









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