Tennis backspins to Stockbridge, and it’s a hit


Photo L-R: Ericka Mierzwa, Noah Mierzwa,  Eli Clifton, Israel DeLeon, Jon Clifton, Imari Sanders, Zavian Torrey and Rebecca Dunne.

by Mary Jane Wilson

Last year SDDA made a big improvement at the Veterans Park in adding tennis courts at its north end. Rebecca Dunne was one of the Stockbridge Downtown Development Authority members who worked hard to have the tennis courts built. This added options for the sport of tennis to be re-added to the Stockbridge area, and tennis is a sport that someone may take up who may not try other sports.

This spring Dunne and Ericka Mierzwa decided to organize Totally Tennis to offer tennis lessons. Five children signed up for May sessions, and almost double that number signed up for June sessions. The children are learning something new and enjoying the classes. There have been inquiries about lessons for high schoolers and adults.

Tennis doesn’t require a great deal of expense to play, it’s fun exercise and age doesn’t matter. Players may enjoy the sport throughout their entire lives.

Now even more opportunities are presenting themselves. Apparently, people living in the Stockbridge area play on a pickle ball league in Chelsea, and they asked if the courts could be marked for pickle ball. This way, they could enjoy games locally. Who knows where this added benefit may lead. Good chance other residents may wish to learn pickle ball.

Anyone, any age, interested in Totally Tennis or pickle ball, should email Ericka at or Rebecca at .

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