The Tuckers talk news articles

by Bryson Khozouie, Sixth grade, Heritage School

Sixth graders at Heritage School have been studying news writing. Here SCN is sharing a story by Bryson Khozouie, which we are publishing as-is.

Mr. and Mrs. Tucker visited our 6th grade classroom at Heritage Elementary School. The Tuckers taught us how to be strong newspaper writers!

It was really fascinating to learn from them about newspaper writing. My favorite part was the discussion. They had talking points that we could take notes on, that was helpful. Mr. and Mrs. Tucker also had a paper where we wrote captions for pictures she took.

They not only discussed the research that goes into writing articles, but also shared some of their personal experiences with us. They made it clear that being a good reporter requires an ability for multitasking, staying organized, and having strong attention to detail. All qualities that are good in any field.

It was such a great session. We were all so lucky to have them come speak to us!

6th grade Heritage students learn about how to create the perfect news article. Photo credit: Morgan Rice. Photo caption: Owen Pekham

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