UTPD Activity from Monday November 1st-Tuesday November 30, 2021

Monday 11/1 – Trespassing, Loitering-Bowdish Rd./Worden Rd., Respond to Alarm-Doyle Rd./Van Syckle Rd.

Tuesday 11/2 – Property Damage Accident-Gregory Rd./Wasson Rd., Assist EMS-Dutton Rd./Deep Valley Rd.

Wednesday 11/3 – Subpoena Service-Location Undisclosed

Thursday 11/4 – Missing Person-Doyle Rd./Doyle Ct.

Saturday 11/6 – Assist EMS-Donohue Rd./Spears Rd.

Sunday 11/7 – Assist EMS-Worden Rd./Bowdish Rd.

Monday 11/8 – Assist EMS-Weller Rd./Wasson Rd.

Tuesday 11/9 – Subpoena Service-Location Undisclosed

Wednesday 11/10 – Property Damage Accident-M-36/Webb St., Assist Village of Pinckney Police Dept.-E. Main St./Park St.

Thursday 11/11 – Assist EMS-Templar Ave./Doyle Rd., Abuse/Neglect-Location Undisclosed

Friday 11/12 – Medical-Spears Rd./Gregory Rd., Animal Complaint-W. M-36/Graves Rd.

Saturday 11/13 – Assist EMS-Arnold Rd./W. Lakelands Trl., Citizen Assist-Woodside Dr./Lake Shore Dr.

Monday 11/15 – Domestic Physical-Location Undisclosed, Conservation Laws-Whispering Meadows Dr./E.- M36, Assist Other Agency-Unadilla Rd./Doyle Rd., Conservation Laws-M-36/Dutton Rd., Traffic Violation/Complaint-W. M-36/Bullis Rd., Larceny-Arnold Rd./W. M-36

Tuesday 11/16 – Assist EMS-W. M-36/Pingree Rd.

Wednesday 11/17 – Assist Village of Pinckney Police Dept.-E. Main St./Mann St.

Friday 11/19 – Domestic Physical-Location Undisclosed, Welfare Check-Doyle Rd./Williamsville Rd., Assist EMS-San Souci Ave./San Juan Ct., Assist EMS-Livermore Rd./W. Trebesh Cir.

Saturday 11/20 – Road Hazard-W. M-36/Dream Catcher Rd., Property Damage Accident-Dexter Trl./Dutton Rd., Respond to Alarm-Pleasant Dr./Woodside Dr.

Sunday 11/21 – Medical-Doyle Rd./Worden Rd., Assist UTFD for Tree Down-Livermore Rd./W. M-36

Monday 11/22 – Assist EMS-San Souci Ave./San Juan Ct., Trespassing, Loitering-Howlett Rd./Doyle Rd., Subpoena Service-Location Undisclosed

Tuesday 11/23 – Abandoned Vehicle-Doyle Rd./Howlett Rd., Lost/Found Property-M-36/Main St., Medical Assist-San Souci Ave./San Juan Ct., Disturbance/Trouble-Main St./Dewey St.

Friday 11/26 – Assist EMS-Barton Rd./W. M-36, Assist Other Agency-S. Clinton St., Citizen Assist-Webb St./Church St.

Saturday 11/27 – Suspicious Situation-Barton RD./Spears Rd., Assist EMS-Arnold Rd./W. M-36

Sunday 11/28 – Assist EMS-Main St./Kuhn St.

Monday 11/29 – Fraud-W. Trebesh Cir./Winfred Ct.


Chief David S. Russell

Unadilla Township Police Department

126 Webb St. Gregory, MI 48137