Stockbridge Village Council swears in newly elected officers. Considers marijuana zoning ordinance.

Current Stockbridge Village Council after November’s election: Greg Uihlein (new), Chad Quintanilla (appointed and newly elected), President Pro Tem Frederick Cattell, President Molly Howlett, Heath Corey (new). All have served on the board before. Absent from the meeting: Richard Mullins and Patrick Harden. Photo Credit: Digital Crumbs 

by Mary Wilson

New and re-elected Stockbridge Village Council members as of the November 2018 election were sworn in prior to the Stockbridge Village Council meeting, Dec. 3. The council is now composed of President Molly Howlett, President Pro Tem Frederick Cattell, Heath Corey (new), Patrick Harden, Richard Mullins, Greg Uihlein (new) and Chadwick Quintanilla (previously appointed and newly elected). All newly elected council members have served before.

During two public comment times, people in an audience of approximately 40 expressed their opinions regarding a proposed ordinance to prohibit marijuana establishments within the Village of Stockbridge. People in favor of the prohibition made cases that the sale, distribution and dispensing of the recreational drug was not a good business for this small town. Those opposed to the ordinance maintained that allowing marijuana-related businesses would bring financial benefit to the community.

Later, during the new business portion of the agenda, the council first read and began discussions on a proposed ordinance to prohibit Marihuana Establishment within the Village of Stockbridge. No vote was taken.

L-R: Greg Uihlein, President Pro Ten Frederick Cattell, Chad Quintanilla, Police Chief Johnnie Torres, President Molly Howlett, Village Clerk Debbie Nogle, Heath Corey. Not shown: Attorney John Gormley. Absent from the meeting Richard Mullins and Patrick Harden. Photo Credit: Digital Crumbs 

In November, Michigan voters approved a ballot proposal to legalize the sale of recreational marihuana (the state’s spelling) in the state. Now, municipalities and townships throughout the state are scrambling to enact zoning ordinances to accommodate the new law when it goes into effect at an as-yet-undetermined date in 2019.

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  • You might want to read up on what this choice did to Colorado, California and other states that have adopted it. If money, and not your citizenry, is your only concern, then jump into the cess pool.

    • Letha Allen Letha Allen says:

      Kendall Kinnunen , you are right about the bad drug problem in Stockbridge “Stocktucky” as you call it. I buried multiple OD’s, so we all know this. We all know mj has has been, is, and will be here…didn’t stop any of the other drug deaths I know, they used it before other drugs killed them…so, we (who don’t use, buy, or sell it) all know and don’t have our heads in the sand, we are not “stupid” or “puritans” or “uneducated” (as I saw people call the people who don’t use or promote mj or mj businesses) about mj or any other drug issue…Sure you could be right…let’s just all change our minds, get our heads and arms around mj being GREAT for all, and bring some more drugs into our town, since we already have a drug epidemic and deaths, have the reputation of a drug infested town, get called “Stocktucky”…let’s just open our arms up to mj because it is a better drug (God’s plant) might as well just add it on to the menu for “Stocktucky”, as you called us

  • Buff N Josh Buff N Josh says:

    Stockbridge has been called Stocktucky for as long as I can remember. It got this nickname if you will, because of all the many generations from Kentucky. Marijuana is here, been here probably will remain here legally or illegally. Those non users/supporters, I respect your opinions. For those that use/support There is a way to get your point across without being harsh. Respect one another. Promote peace and love!!! This town and surrounding areas have lost lost to many good people who lost their battles with addiction. Let’s be mindful of that and remember it was not the marijuana that wrapped them up in those chains. Congrats to our newly elected and let’s support them! They have a BIG job. 💜

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