305 W. Elizabeth Street, Room #112

March 4, 2019 at 7:00pm

Synopsis of Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Pro-Tem Cattell at 7:00 pm. Roll Call:  PRESENT: Pro-Tem Frederick Cattell, Trustee Chadwick Quintanilla, Trustee Greg Uihlein, Trustee Patrick Harden, Trustee Heath Corey; ABSENT: Trustee Richard Mullins, President Molly Howlett; Others Present: Debbie Nogle, Village Clerk, Johnnie Torres, Police Chief, John Gormley, Village Attorney, Citizens were also present; Pledge of Allegiance President Pro-Tem Cattell led the pledge of allegiance.Approval of Agenda MOTION by Quintanilla SUPPORTED by Harden to approve the March 4, 2019 agenda; to add special minutes of February 13, 2019 and February 25, 2019.Motion carried with unanimous ayes.Approval of Minutes MOTION by Quintanilla, SUPPORTED by Uihlein to approve the minutes of February 4, 2019, special minutes of February 13, 2019 and February 25, 2019 as presented.Motion carried with unanimous ayes. Public Comment – There were comments made by the public. PROMCLAIMATION: MOTION by Harden SUPPORTED by Quintanilla to approve the proclamation to recognize Alexander Michael Stefan Sanford achievement of the rank of Eagle Scout. Motion carried with unanimous ayes. FINANCIAL REPORT: Accounts Payable  MOTION by Quintanilla SUPPORTED by Uihlein APPROVED; the accounts payable as presented by Clerk Nogle. AYES: Quintanilla, Corey, Harden, Cattell, NAYS: None ABSENT:  Howlett, Mullins MOTION PASSED President Report President Pro-Tem Cattell reviewed the DPW Report.Police Report – Police Chief Torres gave his report.NEW BUSINESS: None; UNFINISHED BUSINESS RTS (Ready to Serve) Water/Sewer Rates Increase MOTION by Corey, SUPPORTED by Uihlein to approve RESOLUTION 2019-03.04.002 Amending a Previous Resolution Establishing Rates, Charges and Administrative Policies as amended to add charge S.A.E.S.A $10.00 per fire hydrant fee for unlimited access to water for fighting fires only. Motion carried with unanimous ayes; MDOT-Elizabeth Street Culvert Improvements/David Arthur Consultants MOTION by Corey, SUPPORTED by Uihlein to approve RESOLUTION 2019-03.04 A Resolution To Establish A Request For Funding, Designate An Agent, Attest To The Existence Of Funds And Commit To Implementing A Maintenance Program For Elizabeth Street At LOWE LAKE DRAIN, Funded By The Transportation Economic Development Fund Category B Program.AYES: Uihlein, Corey, Quintanilla, Harden, Cattell,NAYES: NONE,ABSENT: Mullins, Howlett MOTION PASSES;Public Comment-  There were comments made by the public.Council Comments ADJOURNMENT MOTION by Cattell, SUPPORTED by Uihlein, APPROVED to adjourn the Council Meeting at 8:33pm.  

Respectfully submitted:


Debbie Nogle,Village Clerk

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