Village of Stockbridge Council meeting minutes Dec. 4, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Hollenbeck at 7:00 pm.

Roll Call: PRESENT: President Robert Hollenbeck, Trustee Frederick Cattell, Trustee Patrick Harden, Trustee Richard Mullins, Trustee Molly Howlett, Trustee Carmelita Valdez-Weaks ABSENT: Trustee Christina DuWig Others Present: Debbie Nogle, Village Clerk, Johnnie Torres, Police Chief, John Gormley, Village Attorney, Citizens were also present

Pledge of Allegiance: President Hollenbeck led the pledge of allegiance.

Approval of Agenda: MOTION by Howlett, SUPPORTED by Cattell to approve the December 4, 2017 agenda as amended to add Blight to unfinished business. Motion carried with unanimous ayes.

Approval of Minutes: MOTION by Howlett, SUPPORTED by Harden to approve the minutes of November 6, 2017 as presented by Clerk Nogle. Motion carried with unanimous ayes.

Public Comment: Tom Wallace discussed his disappointment of blight and unlicensed vehicles in the village. Wallace requested the village start enforcing the blight ordinance.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Accounts Payable MOTION by Howlett SUPPORTED by Mullins, to approve the accounts payable as presented by Clerk Nogle in the amount of $41,059.32. AYES:, Mullins, Howlett, Harden, Weaks, Cattall, Hollenbeck NAYS: None ABSENT: DuWig MOTION PASSED


OLD BUSINESS: Water and Sewer Ordinance The Council tabled the Water and Sewer Ordinance. Gormley and Clerk Nogle will have a phone conference to make sure everything is covered in the ordinance. Owens Property President Hollenbeck requested feedback on whether or not the council wants an environmental study completed for the Owens Property. Cattell thinks that it is a good idea to have a study completed by to purchase of the property. Blight Instructed Gormley to change everything to a civil infraction in the ordinance except for disorderly because it is more criminal by nature. Howlett would like to have a committee formed to help the village with blight issues.

Public Comment: Nicole Crouch – Thanked the village for their support of the Festival of Lights. Tom Wallace – Wallace discussed the inconsistencies of village policies and lack of following the ordinances.

Council Member Comments: Howlett – Requested the budget numbers for the Park and Recreation Grant. Mullins – Parade was terrific, was very impressed. Harden – Making good progress with the new basketball court. Attorney Comments None

ADJOURNMENT: MOTION by Hollenbeck, SUPPORTED by Harden, APPROVED to adjourn the Council Meeting at 8:10pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Debbie Nogle,

Village Clerk