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‘Jail Cell’ by Kevin Specht (Redbubble)

Nov. 7, 2017

Dear Stockbridge Community News:

Well, for starters I just would like to say thank you for the newspapers! For most people that receive this newsletter, it’s not a big deal, but for me it’s the exact opposite. Your paper is one of the few things that I get to look forward to, other than my visits once a month. Doing prison time is very difficult, mostly because of being away from family, but your paper only helps me do my prison term smoother. Stockbridge has changed a lot since I’ve been away, and it’s only going to get better with time. I’ve lived in a lot of different towns and cities, and only Stockbridge I can call home. The way I see it, Stockbridge is where I would raise my family.

I was born in Lansing in September 1997, so that makes me 20. For 20 years, I have called Stockbridge home, and for the twenty plus I will call “Stocktucky” home. Many of you may have heard of me or actually know me and may dislike me because of what I have done, but I love everyone in Stockbridge. They’re like family to me and will be always. As of right now, my earliest possible out-date is Feb. 7, 2020, which means I have to see the parole board and prove to them that I’m a perfect candidate to be released for 6-24 months of being supervised by the state (parolee).

Living in prison is stressful: waking up every day wondering if you’re going to fight someone or get stabbed. It’s like what Bob Richards said in the November issue, “Young soldiers barely out of high school are thrust into positions of great responsibility every day.” But most of us young adults didn’t make it through high school.

My message from experience would be so stay in school and please stay away from drugs. Your education is more important than getting high, and that’s coming from a recovering addict. I have lost so much due to my addiction, but most of all I lost my best friend, Breanna Wenk. I am enclosing a picture of me, and if anyone would like to correspond, please give my address. You have my permission, and they need to include their address in the letter because we don’t get the original envelope. Once again, thank you for bringing me joy with every newsletter.

Respectfully yours,

Donovan Buckner #981139

Macomb Correctional Facility, 34625 26 Mile R

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