Volunteers get the job done like clockwork, despite pandemic

by Judy Williams and Patrice Johnson

In the past, the Stockbridge Township has depended on Stockbridge Area Garden Club to plant and maintain flowers in the areas around the Civil War statue on the Township Square and under the flagpole at Oaklawn cemetery. Unadilla Township has enlisted the group to plant Gregory’s roadside. The garden club’s challenge was clear: How to perform a volunteer maintenance project to assist Stockbridge and Unadilla Townships in the face of a mandate of no social gatherings due to Covid-19? This could not be the usual club activity this year.

On May 20, project Divide and Conquer kicked into action. Volunteers worked in shifts of small groups staying a minimum of 6 feet apart and wearing masks.

Week ahead: Jean Bliss worked alone to clear Stockbridge Township Square gardens of weeds.

Saturday, May 16. Molly Howlett beat the rain to plant the flag garden at Woodlawn Cemetery.

Early Wednesday morning, May 20. Laura Morehouse of Tulip Tree Gardens dropped off flats of flowers, fertilizer and mulch.

9 a.m: The tiller team arrived. Dorothy Craft, Connie Risner, Debbie Shellenbarger, and Jeannine Wayman convened in Stockbridge to till the soil, remove recalcitrant roots, apply fertilizer and pest repellent around the base of the Civil War statue honoring Civil War soldiers and sailors.

10 a.m: Planters Connie Spadafore, Normi Spadafore, Sue Lindemer, Roberta Ludtke, and Tammy Porter descended on Stockbridge to set flowers around the statue.

10 a.m. to noon: The Gregory crew of Bev Glynn, Judy Williams, and Dennis and Linda Petsch gathered to plant 15 flats of petunias along the main intersection of town.

11 a.m: The mulcher-edger-cleanup crew arrived in Stockbridge with Jean Bliss, Susan Daily, Patrice Johnson, Sue Lindemer, and Tammy Porter applying mulch, edging around the statue, and cleaning up the considerable mess.

By one o’clock, the beautification project was accomplished in a safe and responsible way. Thanks to many helping hands (and sore backs), beautiful flowers now brighten our community.

At 11 o’clock Crew 3 applies mulch, edges around the statue, and cleans up. By one o’clock, the beautification project is complete for all who pass by to enjoy. Tammy Porter, Jean Bliss, Susan Daily, Sue Lindemer and Patrice Johnson (photographer) revel in the finished project. Ta dah!

Connie Risner and Jeannine Wayman work overtime to prepare the beds and plant flowers on the corner of Main and Main. Photo credit: Patrice Johnson

Crew 2 arrives sets to work at 10 a.m. Sue Lindemer, Roberta Ludtke, Connie Spadafore, Normi Spadafore and Tammy Porter plant flowers around the statue honoring Civil War soldiers and sailors. Photo credit: Patrice Johnson

After Jean Bliss clears the beds of weeds, Laura Morehouse of Tulip Tree Gardens delivers supplies. Bliss string trims the Stockbridge Township Square. Photo credit: Patrice Johnson

At 9 a.m, Crew 1 arrives. Debbie Shellenbarger and Jeannine Wayman (front), Dorothy Craft and Connie Risner (back) till the soil, remove recalcitrant roots, and apply fertilizer and pest repellent. Photo credit: Patrice Johnson


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