Wake Up Stockbridge starts moving for change

A Neighbors’ Meal Train of beef stew and homemade bread is prepared and awaits delivery.

By Tina Cole-Mullins

Often people talk about what is wrong in the world or our community without taking any action to change the issue. But many will do good deeds if given an opportunity, as on some level everyone wants the chance to make a difference. As Kevin Costner said in the movie, “Field of Dreams,” “If we build it, they will come.”

The idea of providing a forum for people to discuss, brainstorm and make a difference became the basis behind Wake Up Stockbridge. The group represents a growing online forum and movement of like-minded individuals who support community unity and pride while hosting community projects. But Wake Up Stockbridge is much more than that. The true meaning behind Wake Up Stockbridge is whatever people as individuals and the community as a whole make it out to be.

Good deeds

So far, the group has become an outreach to address many needs since it started in August 2017. Wake Up Stockbridge’s first project was to provided needed school clothes with the purchase of new outfits and shoes for a set of twins. At the same time, other group members gathered home medical equipment for an individual about to undergo double knee surgery. The items included a seated wheelchair, cane, walker and a shower chair.

This was just the start, as volunteers came together to host two community cleanups in town and along roadsides. In October, the group gathered donations on the village square for a community rummage sale to purchase winter boots for local children, raising enough money to warm the feet of 31 local kids. Twenty bags of clothing donations from the sale also were re-donated to the Stockbridge Community Outreach.

Latest activities

Already this year, its outreach efforts support an ongoing Meals For Our Neighbors project to deliver home-cooked meals for those who are seriously ill, recovering from surgery, or grieving a death in the family. The Outreach Focus of the Month project highlights helping a local outreach by volunteering or gathering needed donations. All projects and ideas come from members, and the projects have made a true difference for many.

Holiday spirit

As 2017 came to a close, the Back Street Bar & Family Restaurant hosted a cocoa party for the distribution of the winter boots. A cornucopia of items also was collected for a single mom’s Thanksgiving basket. In keeping with the holiday spirit and generosity, an adopt-a-family project began. Stockbridge Bowling Alley became a collection point for food items for family Christmas baskets. A generous donation of a gift card from the Munith Lions was given directly to one family. Wake Up Stockbridge was able to give families gifts of toys, clothes, winter wear, multiple gift cards and food. The Munith/Stockbridge Area Pay It Forward aided with the needs of yet another family. All together, the community effort helped 10 families in various ways, double the original plan of five.

The year ahead

Where 2018 will take Wake Up Stockbridge remains to be seen, as the group’s projects, events and needs are not determined by managers of the group, but by you, your neighbors and anyone who simply wants to make a difference.

After all, it does not take a village, township or district to make a community — it takes like-minded people who simply care. Wake Up Stockbridge may be found on Facebook or emailed at wakeupstockbridge.com.


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