2022 SHS Senior Honors & Awards in Pictures

On May 4, 2022, Stockbridge High School held its annual Honors Night program to celebrate students for their varied and outstanding achievements. Here we share, in photos, those Seniors who won Honors Night awards. Their smiles are infectious and you can believe they are all breathing huge sighs of relief as they accept the awards recognizing them for all their hard work. (Photos by Judy Williams, except where indicated.)

Stay tuned to the SCN website and our Facebook page for a complete listing of all the names of those who won Senior Awards and another listing of the names of those who won the Underclassmen Awards. On behalf of the Stockbridge Community News, congratulations to all the 2022 award recipients and to all those in the soon-to-graduate Class of 2022!

Principal Jeff Trapp welcomes parents, families, and friends to the SHS Senior Honors Night.


Stockbridge Masonic Lodge #130 presents scholarships to Olivia Fletcher and Zachary Miller.


Lissa Avis presents the Stockbridge Education Association Scholarship to Kaitelyn Walker.


Rita Stricklin presents the DAR Award to Brooklyn Rochow.


Quiz Bowl recipients Brenden Yannella, Grace Dreier, and Xyan Torrey. (Not pictured: Kyle Kotarski.)


Amy Szymcezak presents the Eaton Community Bank Floyd M. Jewell Memorial Scholarship to Olivia Fletcher.


Leslie Cummings presents the Joe Heeney Memorial Scholarship to Sidney Gipe.


Judy Williams presents the John Donohue Good Citizenship Memorial Award to Mayzie Wright. Photo by Judy Brune.


The General Ostrander Memorial Science Award recipient Rylee Tolson.


Bruce Brown presents the Stockbridge Lions Club Scholarships to Brooklyn Rochow, Hythem Beydoun, and Rylee Tolson.


Jennifer Hammerberg presents the Stockbridge Area Educational Foundation Scholarships to Olivia Fletcher, Tylee Gipson, Connor Whitaker, Brendan Wright, Brenden Yannella, Kaitelyn Walker, and Grace Tervo.


Jenn Hammerberg presents the John Graven Technology Scholarship to Dalton Satkowiak and Ben Chapman.


Bruce Brown presents the Bruce Wm. Brown Scholarship to Mayzie Wright.


Jenn Hammerberg presents the Richard C. Howlett Education Scholarship to Makayla Myers.


Jenn Hammerberg presents the Munith-Fitchburg American Legion Post 525 Memorial Scholarship to Kalysta Connolly.


Jenn Hammerberg presents the Don E. Krummrey Memorial Scholarship to Hythem Beydoun.


Jenn Hammerberg presents the Deputy Grant Whitaker Memorial Scholarship to Jeremy Pilch.


Recipient of the Darwin D. Snider Memorial Scholarship is Rylee Tolson.


Ralph Schumacher and daughter Jean Krndija present the Donna E. Schumacher Memorial Scholarship to Harlie Robinson and Audrey Austin.


Harlie Robinson receives the Laura M. Goodin Memorial Scholarship from Becky Humrich.


Julie Glair presents the Hannah Lorraine Glair Memorial Scholarship to Harlie Robinson.


Harlie Robinson hugs Christina Tolliver after receiving the Talan Tolliver Memorial Scholarship.


Deanna Kruger presents the Chris C. Kruger Memorial Scholarship to Jeremy Pilch.


Angela Matthews presents the Lansing Community College Honors Scholarship to Brendan Wright and the Board of Trustees Award to Mayzie Wright.


Principal Jeff Trapp announces College-Awarded Scholarships to Sarah Lackey, Rylee Tolson, Hythem Beydoun, Brooklyn Rochow, Olivia Fletcher, Makayla Myers, Sidney Gipe, Kaitelyn Walker, and Audrey Austin.


Ernie Rivers presents the outstanding Female Athlete Award to Rylee Tolson and the Outstanding Male Athlete Award to Jeremy Pilch.


Ernie Rivers presents the Jeff Becker Memorial Scholarship to Brooklyn Rochow and Dalton Satkowiak.


Principal Jeff Trapp presents the Band Awards to Rylee Tolson, Olivia Fletcher, Grace Dreier, Xyan Torrey, Zach Sanford, Kaitelyn Walker, and Jaslyn Wilkins. (Not pictured: Nickole Mons.)


Xyan Torrey receives the John Sousa Award.


Principal Jeff Trapp presents the Choir Awards to Samantha Nichols, Makayla Myers, Sidney Gipe, and Tylee Gipson. (Not pictured: Christopher Rosedale.)


Jessica Martell and Rita Stricklin give out the English Department Awards to Brooklyn Rochow, Mayzie Wright, Jonah Huskey-Wright, Olivia Fletcher, Audrey Austin, Jaslyn Wilkins, Ashton Knoll, Dalton Satkowiak, Merle Wilson, Makayla Myers, Harlie Robinson, and Xyan Torrey. (Received awards and not pictured: Rylee Tolson, McKenzie Noble, and Sydney Switzenberg.)


Jessica Martell presents the Senior Portfolio Award to Grace Dreier.


Jessica Martell and Rita Stricklin present the Journalism Awards: Gwen Rogozinski  (Journalism Award and MIPA Award), Samantha Aiken (Journalism and MIPA Award), Audrey Austin (MIPA Award), Justin Jaszokowski (Journalism Award and MIPA Award), Kaitelyn Walker (Journalism Award and MIPA Award), and Grace Dreier (Journalism Award and MIPA Award). (Pictured separately: Kaitlyn James-MIPA Award.)


Kaitlyn James receives the MIPA Award.


Lissa Avis presents AP Calculus Awards to Rylee Tolson, Dalton Satkowiak, and Brooklyn Rochow.


Lissa Avis presents the Senior Math Award to Rylee Tolson.


Lucas Snider presents the First Robotics Awards to Grace Drier and Aiden Howard.


Timothy Salow presents the AP World History Awards to Rylee Tolson, Kaitelyn Walker, Jonah Huskey-Wright, and Olivia Fletcher.


Timothy Salow presents the Future Farmers of America Award to Kalysta Connolly.


Timothy Salow presents the Salow Agricultural Scholarship to Ben Chapman.


Christina Villegas presents the Spanish II award to Xyan Torrey.


Kristin Gillon presents the Student Council Awards to Brooklyn Rochow, Rylee Tolson, Kaitelyn Walker, Jonah Huskey-Wright, and Brenden Yannella. Rylee Tolson received Student Council Senior Membership Award. (Not pictured: Faith Everett.)


Brooklyn Rochow is the recipient of the Senior Leadership Award.


National Honor Society recipients: Julianna Rooke, Zachary Miller, Hythem Beydoun, Sarah Lackey, Audrey Austin, Brooklyn Rochow, Rylee Tolson, Sidney Gipe, Jonah Huskey-Wright (back), Kaitelyn Walker, Brenden Yannella (back), and Olivia Fletcher.















Recipients of the Michigan Competitive Scholarship Program: Xyan Torrey, Brendan Wright, Kaitelyn Walker, Dalton Satkowiak, Rylee Tolson, Brookly Rochow, Grace Dreier, and Hythem Beydoun.


President’s Award for Educational Achievement: Kalysta Connolly, Olivia Fletcher, Logan Fowler, Sidney Gipe, Marissa Goble, Jonah Huskey-Wright, Austin Knoll, Sarah Lackey, Ally Minix, Makayla Myers, Harlie Robinson, Jaslyn Wilkins, Mayzie Wright, and Brenden Yannella.


President’s Award for Educational Excellence: Audrey Austin, Hythem Beydoun, Grace Dreier, Ashton Knoll, Zachary Miller, Brooklyn Rochow, Dalton Satkowiak, Rylee Tolson, Xyan Torrey, Kaitelyn Walker, Connor Whitaker, Merle Wilson, Veronica Wilson, and Brendan Wright.


Cum Laude, 3.5 – 3.74 GPA:  Austin Knoll, Ashton Knoll, Jaslyn Wilkins, Logan Fowler, Sarah Lackey, Harlie Robinson, Makayla Myers, Kalysta Connolly, and Ally Minix. (Not pictured: Kyle Kotarski and Yareli Lozano.)


Magna Cum Laude, 3.75 – 3.99 GPA: Dalton Satkowiak, Audrey Austin, Jonah Huskey-Wright, Mayzie Wright, Brenden Yannella, Connor Whitaker, Merle Wilson, Zachary Miller, Olivia Fletcher, Veronica Wilson, Sidney Gipe, Brendan Wright, and Marissa Goble (Not pictured: Sydney Switzenberg.)


Summa Cum Laude, 4.0 GPA: Hythem Beydoun, Grace Dreier, Brookly Rochow, Rylee Tolson, Xyan Torrey, and Kaitelyn Walker.