Boy Scouts again raise Old Glory at Heritage

by Deanna Cole Kruger. Photos by Rose Collison.

Tuesday, Feb. 20., after several years’ hiatus and in the pouring rain, the Boy Scouts once again raised the flag–and a new one to boot–at Heritage School in Stockbridge. Friday afternoon they plan to lower it, and they intend to repeat the ceremony each week.

“We have not had students do this in several years,” Deanna Kruger said. Kruger, who works at Heritage, complimented Jennifer Schipul for taking charge of the renewed activity. The flag-raising took place between 8:30 and 8:50 a.m.

Preparing to raise the new flag.

Almost ready to go.

Attaching the flag to the rope.

Boy Scouts raise Old Glory.

The Boy Scouts who raised the flag Feb. 20. L-R: Aiden Schipul, Alan Hill, Wyatt Coon, and Jason Merger.

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