Cravingz outdoor garden brings wine, hops and song to local community

by Patrice Johnson

Letha (Allen) Khozouie and Phil Tolliver perform a duet to an impressed crowd of over 30 in Cravingz outdoor garden, Friday night, August 3.

Friday night, Aug. 3, a crowd of more than 30 neighborly customers gathered in Cravingz’s outdoor garden to enjoy the songs and strums of Phil Tolliver, a regular favorite.

As hops trailed up the brick wall and an old world fountain bubbled adjacent the stage, Tolliver rocked the block with an impressive array of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s tunes, ranging from Bob Seger to Johnny Cash.

When Tolliver’s lifetime “blood brother” from Belleville strolled in to enjoy the show, the audience boomed “Hello, Larry,” right on cue.

The music resumed, and beer, brats and wine continued to flow from owner Judi Cook’s new Amish shed. Friends, family and acquaintances, seated under blue-canopied tables, brought each other up to date on their lives as patio torches flared outside the grape-arbored border.

As dusk settled in, patio torches flared to life outside the grape-arbored border, and Tolliver coaxed attendee Letha (Allen) Khozouie onto the stage. Together, their duets gave pause to even the most avid table conversations and triggered enthusiastic rounds of applause.

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