Get to Know Your Community Career Day

Students learn about news publications. photo by teacher Kelly Allen

by Beverly Glynn

Students and staff at Smith Elementary School enjoyed a special day, Wednesday, June 5, when 12 businesses, agencies and community groups shared their knowledge and experiences. 

Participating businesses and organizations included the Stockbridge Fire Department, Mugg & Bopps, Five Healthy Towns, Stockbridge Community News, Stockbridge Police Department, CADL branch Stockbridge Library, Sommer’s Farm, Stockbridge Bowl, Positively Chiropractic, Gee Farms, SRSLY, Adiska Dental, and Farmer’s State Bank.

One of the groups, this Stockbridge Community News, visited the school and helped students understand how stories become part of a news publication. One activity included creating a fictional story about “Lost Dog,” Barney. They learned about the steps necessary to take a story from the beginning writing stage to the final product.




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