Gregory Golfer Sinks Hole-in-One

Photo by Jim Douglas and Article by Judy Williams

November 13 was cold and blustery, hardly a golf day but for the most avid of golfers. Undeterred, Gregory resident Scott Chimner and Jim Douglas, his golfing buddy of 35 years, braved the elements to play 18 holes at Eaglecrest in Ypsilanti. Their persistence paid off. Bucking the less than ideal conditions rewarded Chimner with his first hole-in-one after 54 years of trying.

“The tee box was 95 yards from the hole,” Chimner recalled. “I turned to Jim and told him that I was going to get a hole-in-one, something I have never said before.”

Chimner stepped up to the tee with his sand wedge and swung. “We could not see the ball fall into the cup from the tee,” Chimner said, and once he neared the green, the ball was nowhere to be seen.

“The sun shone briefly as I leaned over the cup,” the euphoric Chimner stated, “and I spied my ball resting gently at the bottom.”

Now Chimner has re-set his lifetime goal to reaching 100 holes-in-one. “One down.” He smiled broadly. “Only 99 to go.”

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