Threat of gun violence closes Stockbridge Community Schools Wednesday and Thursday

Photo Credit: Stockbridge Community Schools Facebook

Stockbridge Community Schools was closed Wednesday, Feb. 14 and Thursday, Feb. 15 following a threat of gun violence at the Stockbridge Junior/Senior high school. The school reopened Friday, Feb. 16 after an investigation led to a student confession.

Students were identified and are under investigation. The identified students were questioned by law enforcement regarding the threat, and law enforcement confirmed with Stockbridge Community Schools that a confession was made in reference to creating a written message that implied a threat of gun violence.

According to a statement from Stockbridge Community Schools Superintendent Karl Heidrich, “Law enforcement will continue to investigate these students. The students will not be on school district property, are suspended from school, and formal criminal charges will be pending through the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office.”

The Stockbridge school administration and local law enforcement worked together to investigate a series of inappropriate messages intercepted by the technology department.

“The last message was received on Tuesday, Feb. 13. It included threatening language that discussed violence directed toward the school,” Heidrich said,

Heidrich said with the help of law enforcement, a walk through was conducted and the entire Junior/Senior High School was inspected. The inspection found no evidence to indicate that the threat was actionable, and the technology department received no further messages.

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