UPDATE – Suspects identified in threat to SHS. School re-opens Friday.

Posted 11 a.m. Feb. 15, Facebook page, Village of Stockbridge, Chief of Police Torres:

Citizens of Stockbridge,

As so many of you know, Stockbridge High School had a threat of violence posted electronically inside the school on Tuesday afternoon. School officials notified SPD and an investigation ensued. Last night a suspect was identified and has been interviewed by SPD. That interviewed led to an additional person of interest and that person was also interviewed in the early morning hours of today’s date. During that interview an admission of guilt was obtained. No other suspects or persons of interest are believed to exist.

Formal charges are pending with the Ingham County Prosecutor’s office.

SPD is committed to working with school officials and other agencies to ensure the safety of students, staff, and parents of the Stockbridge Community Schools.

Chief Torres

Posted 10:56 a.m., Feb. 15, Facebook page, Stockbridge Community Schools, Superintendent Karl Heidrich:

Students have been identified and are under investigation. The identified students have been questioned by law enforcement regarding the threat towards the Junior/Senior High that was detected by our technology department. Law enforcement has reported, and confirmed, with Stockbridge Community Schools that a confession was made in reference to creating a written message that implied a threat of gun violence. Law enforcement will continue to investigate these students. The students will not be on school district property, are suspended from school, and formal criminal charges will be pending through the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office.

Given this information Stockbridge Community Schools will resume all activities and athletics beginning this afternoon. School will be open Friday, February 16th.

We would like to thank our students, parents, and community for their patience and understanding during the process of this investigation. Student safety continues to be our top priority.

Karl Heidrich
Stockbridge Community Schools

Feb. 14: Stockbridge Community Schools will remain closed Thursday, Feb 15, as authorities continue to investigate a threat of violence. According to WILX, Channel 10 and Stockbridge Community Schools Facebook page, SCS were closed Wednesday after receiving a threat of violence at the Junior / Senior High School.

On Tuesday, School administrators posted to Stockbridge Community Schools Facebook page that a threat was being reviewed and investigated by police.

Around 10 p.m, Wednesday, Feb. 15, Superintendent Karl Heidrich posted the following update to the SCS Facebook page:

Based on current information Stockbridge Community Schools will be closed on Thursday February 15th.

We continue to find no evidence to indicate the threat was actionable and we have received no further messages by our technology department. However, we still need time to complete the investigation. Student safety continues to remain a priority.

Karl Heidrich
Stockbridge Community Schools

Wednesday, Feb. 14, at 4 o’clock p.m. Heidrich had posted:

We continue to investigate the threat at Stockbridge Junior/Senior high. There was a series of inappropriate messages intercepted by our technology department. The last message received was from yesterday afternoon that included threatening language that discussed violence directed towards the school.

With the help of our law enforcement, we walked through and inspected the entire Junior/Senior High School earlier this morning. We have found no evidence to indicate that the threat was actionable, and no further messages have been received by our technology department.

We are continuing to partner with law enforcement to pursue any leads that may help us identify who is responsible for the messages. A decision to hold school on Thursday, February 15th will be decided later this evening after further consultation with authorities regarding the investigation.

Additionally, all athletic events, extracurricular activities and community education activities are canceled for this evening.

Karl Heidrich
Stockbridge Community Schools

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