Kids Area at Stockbridge Harvest Moon Festival thrills dogs, children, parents and neighbors

by Patrice Johnson

Six-year-old Border Collie, aptly named Splash, sails through the air and catches a chew toy mid-flight before hurtling into the Ultimate Air Dog attraction. Owner Ann Williams of Lansing grinned. “Be careful what you name your dog,” she said, as blue-eyed Splash peered longingly at the pool of water, hoping for another turn.

A puzzled sheep listens intently as Liam explains how Fudge, the tortoise, escaped his cage and nearly succeeded in making a slow-motion getaway.

Friendly sheep try to convince Delilah it’s safe to pet them. She’s flattered but hardly convinced.

Bouncy slide anyone?

Care to go for a swim? Sorry. Ultimate Air Dogs, sponsored by Enbridge, is only for leaping, paddling, water-obsessed canines.


Chief of Police Johnnie Torres and Officer Tony Coln patrol Harvest Moon Festival in a high-speed, jet propelled (not really) golf cart.

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