New police officer and horse rescuer comes full circle

Officer Kevin Marshall pictured with Satin. “She was a show horse and doing very well, so well a competitor sprayed hair spray in her eyes blinding her,’” he said. “The owner sold her to be slaughtered but I stepped in. She can be ridden and does great with children.”

Employee retention ranks high among the challenges a small town police chief faces, and it was no surprise when a few folks in Stockbridge asked, “Who is the new officer?” It is my pleasure to introduce Kevin Marshall: police officer, husband, father and horse rescuer.

Officer Marshall joined the Stockbridge Police Department in February and is currently assigned as the School Resource Officer for the Stockbridge School District. But this new hire is no stranger to the community.

Officer Marshall was raised in Stockbridge and graduated from Stockbridge High School in 2000. Wife Kristen graduated from SHS, too.

“We’re both from the area,” the officer said. “Our moms and dads are all from the area.” Kristen Marshall teaches preschool in Holt, and the couple has three children. Daughter Carley, 9, and Caitlyn, 5, attend Stockbridge Schools. Conner is three.

“It’s a busy house,” Marshall chuckled.

Marshall attended Lansing Community College and graduated with an Associates degree in law enforcement and emergency medical services. After college he moved to New Orleans and worked as a patrolman, crime scene investigator, and detective for the New Orleans Police Department. A few years ago, Marshall accepted a position with the Lansing Community College Police Department and moved back to Michigan. Prior to taking the job with SPD, he worked briefly as a police officer for the cities of Leslie and Lansing.

The Marshalls own a home in the area, and the family works with rescue and rodeo horses. They currently have ten horses, three of which are Officer Marshall’s “charity cases” as he calls them. Of the rescues, two were abused; one was neglected.

“They’re recovering well,” he said. “They were on their way to be slaughtered. Now one is actually coming back and will be ride-able. It’s kind of nice to take something that someone has thrown away and see it come back to life and thrive again.” Eldest daughter Carley is showing promise as a competition barrel racer, he added with pride.

Officer Marshall joined the Stockbridge Police Department in February and is currently assigned as the School Resource Officer for the Stockbridge School District.

How does he feel about returning to his roots?

Marshall indicated he is grateful to return home and looks forward to using all his training, knowledge and experience to serve the community that raised him.

“Some things have changed, but a lot of things have stayed the same,” he said. “I’m absolutely glad to be back.”

Please join me in extending a hearty welcome to Officer Marshall and family.

Stay vigilant. Stay safe.

Chief Torres


Marshall children Caitlyn, 5; Conner, 3; Carley, 9; with Sassy, the 3-foot-tall mini carousel horse. “The circus sells them for meat after they age out,” Officer Marshall says. “I took Sassy in and trained her to be a leader animal for the blind one.”

Eldest daughter Carley Marshall is showing promise as a competition barrel racer, her father added with pride.

Three-year-old Conner helps out.

“This mustang was nearly dead when I got her,” Officer Marshall said, “full of parasites and severely underweight.”



Chief John Torres, a native of Flint, began his career as a reserve police officer before joining the City of Lansing Police where he served for more than 14 years. He joined the Stockbridge Police Department in 2009 and became its chief in 2011. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan-Flint and is married with two adult children. 

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