Stockbridge Area Garden Club works to make community beautiful

Monday, May 20, and Saturday, May 26, volunteers from the Stockbridge Area Garden Club gathered to plant flowers in the Stockbridge Township Square and Library grounds, and also in downtown Gregory.

Garden club ladies brave cold, damp weather to plant flowers and weed the Stockbridge Township Square. L to R: Sue Lindemer, Patrice Johnson, Nancy Macaluso, Janine Falk, Susan Daily, Roberta Ludtke, Joan Tucker, Debbie Shellenbarger, Linda Risner, Connie Risner, Andrea Stickney, Judy Williams, and Julia Neuhaus.


Linda Walker, Unadilla Township Supervisor and Linda Topping, Unadilla Township Clerk, receive a helping hand from a few ladies form the Stockbridge Area Garden Club. L to R Linda Walker, Bev Glynn, Jeanine Falk, Katie, Patrice Johnson, Mary Wilson Julia Neuhaus, and Linda Topping. Not in photo, photographer Judy Williams.

Kate, the newest and youngest member of the Stockbridge Area Garden Club, holds a thank you note showing a girl planting flowers. Photo by Judy Williams.

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