Student of the Month Spotlight: Savannah Banker ready for Adventure

by Cindy Lance

Savannah Banker, a second grader at Smith Elementary School in Stockbridge, likes to explore. And the sky’s the limit for this young, multitalented student, as she’s set her sights on being an astronaut.

But for now, she keeps her adventures closer to home and enjoys nature exploring in the woods.

She’s also ready for some holiday excitement, as she will be singing in a duet at her grandparents’ church.

Savannah is the eldest daughter of Kim and Ben, and she has a younger sister Evie and brother Sawyer. Along with Savannah’s parents, teachers Angela Filice, Courtney Hartenburg and Michael Gurecki have all taught her to be nice, kind and smart.

She loves attending school in Stockbridge because “they have a good principal and nice teachers.”

“(The area) is calm and quiet. I can play outside, and go nature exploring in our back woods,” she said. “I really like going to Manna in the summer for their sandwiches.”

Her favorite subjects are math, writing and art. When not busy with schoolwork, she enjoys paper airplane building, painting, writing and reading.

In spite of those quieter pursuits, Savannah’s adventurous spirit displays itself in her long-range plans.

She dreams of seeing the world and someday and living in the warmer climate of Pensacola, Fl.

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